Nurse Call 

Increase resident and caregiver satisfaction with a customizable and reliable nurse call system

  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Sustainable
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Sustainable

The RCare Advantage

Improved Response Times

Incident records show a timestamp for each call, the resident, and the caregiver responsible responding. The RCare dashboard allows nursing supervisors to dig deeper into those few calls that are the exceptions, to understand what makes those calls different, and if action needs to be taken in terms of staffing or resident care.

Consistent and Creative

RCare is the global provider of advanced nurse call solutions. RCare consistently and creatively pushes boundaries in the senior housing industry by being fully interoperable, flexible, customizable, and integrating with existing technology solutions.

Advanced Reporting

RCare provides a full suite of reports and analytics, allowing caregivers and their supervisors to assess response times, discover trends and patterns for better response times, and for more efficient staffing and billing.


RCare’s open API allows us to integrate with many widely used software and hardware systems making your caregiver experience seamless, efficient, and cost-effective.

RCare is currently integrated with PointClickCare, Accutech, MatrixCare, and more!

Make your RCare nurse call system even more powerful and effective by leveraging your current investments

RCare at a Glance

Since 2006, RCare has diligently created nurse call systems to improve the lives of seniors and those caring for them. Tested to UL 1069 standards, the RCare system offers a wide range of wired and wireless emergency transmitted devices, geographic locating pendants, and monitoring equipment.

Actionable Data

Built into every RCare system is the reporting and analytics package, which staff use to track call response times, assess current status, set targets, and monitor progress. What is an acceptable amount of time for a resident to wait for help? With RCare, you create your own target. RCare reports let them see when they’ve missed their target, and help them identify problems and areas for improvement

RCare Mobile 

Utilize smartphone-like handsets to alert caregivers, view important resident information, and find accurate locations when care is needed. The “I Got It” button lets other staff know who is responding to the call and ensures every resident is attended to. Handsets are equipped with NFC chips allowing responders to check in and out of the point of care as well as document what services they performed. This knowledge ensures easy staffing optimization and high efficiency.

Powerful Communication without the Risk  

RCare’s RPhones are dedicated, HIPAA-compliant smartphones. They put the communication power of a smartphone into the hands of caregivers, without allowing the distractions or security risks of personal smartphones. RCare allows phone calls and messaging between coworkers, and voice-to-voice communication with residents.

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