Benefits of Sound Masking

The audible atmosphere of your office space directly affects your staff’s productivity, work quality, and mental state.

Teldata’s acoustic engineers install innovative sound masking systems that provide many benefits to both employees and clients

Comfortable and Confidential Environment
Reduce Distractions
Transform Workplace Atmosphere
Improve Mental and Emotional State of Employees and Clients
Maintain Client Privacy
Secure Confidential Information 
How It Works

Teldata’s sound masking is engineered to match the frequency of human speech and produce a calming and subtle sound, much like quiet airflow. When installed by our experts, staff should not be able to notice this sound exists. Instead, it will fade into the workplace and become comfortable to the human ear. This decreases distraction and makes it possible for employees and clients to safeguard confidential information, rather than hear it echo across the office.

When It’s Necessary

Has your staff been distracted by ringing phones and office bustle or been overly aware that others are able to hear private conversations? Sound masking could be necessary for your office. It can be used for both loud work environments and silent workplaces as well. It is difficult to run operations in an office as noisy as a restaurant or as quiet as a library. Sound masking provides the correct signal to sound ratio and gives you control of the overall sound levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Sound Will Be Canceled?

This ambient sound does not cancel all sound or eliminate all noise. Instead, by reducing the dynamic range of sound, it reduces how far away conversations can be heard and understood by others. 

Is Sound Masking Noisy?

Teldata’s sound masking is not noisy or intrusive and does not make workplaces “louder.” Masking systems are different than white noise because they produce sound in non-directional, harmonious, and uniform way throughout the space.

Can Sound be Masked by any Noise?

For sound masking to be done in the most effective, non-intrusive way, it must be masked by an electronically engineered masking system that meets criteria for speech privacy.

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