Video Surveillance

Teldata partners with the most advanced manufacturers in the industry to create a custom surveillance solution for your organization

Turn-Key Surveillance Solutions

Teldata provides complete HD over Coax and HD IP systems of any size and for any application

Contact us to meet with our surveillance engineers and customize a system for your organization’s needs and requirements. After visiting your site, we will provide recommendations for camera placement, supply cabling, configure NVR and viewing-monitors, and include training and operational guides along with the camera installation.

Ensure your equipment remains fully operational with Teldata Surveillance Maintenance Plans

Teldata schedules routine visits to clean lenses, manage NVR storage, and make adjustments to the focus, angle, and zoom.

  Teldata offers a range of

Advantages that Surpass Security

With a full range of innovative analytics such as heat mapping and metadata statistics, scenes can be analyzed for reasons beyond security.

  • Smarter Business Decisions
  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Safety
  • Heightened Efficiency

Video Software

Manage and analyze video data to provide better situational awareness


Comprehensive and reliable recording solutions cover small businesses to large enterprise video systems


High resolution and high definition monitors provide exceptional image quality and innovative features designed for professional video installations.


Buildable solutions that deliver smart data and improve safety, increase efficiency, and reduce costs

Video Analytics 

Provide accurate situational analysis based on artificial intelligence (AI)

Temperature Screening and Access Control 

Easy-to-operate Hikvision temperature screening solutions provide advanced detection of elevated skin-surface temperature and are available in multiple housing types. Screening takes less than one second, is highly accurate, and offers contactless measurement from a distance.

Integrate Temperature Screening With: 

  • Handheld Cameras
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Security Metal Detector
  • Access Control Terminal
  • NVR Workstations
  • Mobile and Desktop Applications

Touch-free access control terminal with temperature measurement, mask detection and video intercom.

(Mount on the wall, floor or desk)

Hikvision is committed to the integrity of its products and ensuring best-in-class cybersecurity. Its products currently meet industry leading standards including:

  • ISO 270001
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • CMMI Level 5

In August 2018, Hikvision was granted certification for Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2. FIPS 140-2 is a U.S. government standard created by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards Technology used to evaluate and validate encryption.

Low Contact, Low Risk

Taking temperatures at close proximity leads to potential risks. Use safer, non-contact measurement to limit exposure

High Efficiency

Eliminate long wait times with instant skin-surface temperature reading. Smart detection is used to greatly reduce false alarms

Advantages of Thermal Technology

Thermal technology is ideal for temperature screening, offering flexibility and efficiency in preliminary screening of elevated skin-surface temperatures.

Smart Detection

Only detect skin surface temperature even if other heat sources, like a cup of coffee, are present

Low Cost

Conventional methods involve continually replacing PPE and increasing staff manually take temperatures and manage capacity

Hikvision offers innovative video surveillance and storage solutions for all verticals

HikCentral Centralized Security Ecosystem

Solutions Include: 

• HikCentral CMS: A scalable system for monitoring single or multi-location businesses with features such as alarm signal routing, map views, and access to video footage from your PC or smartphone.

• TurboHD: Upgrade to HD using existing coaxial cable infrastructure using a HD over coax solution.

• Thermal Cameras: Detect increased temperature and moisture fluctuations, providing early warnings for action and prevention.

• Facial Recognition: Allow for quick authorized access, efficient record keeping, asset protection, and loss prevention.

• Access Control: Optical biometrics provide product and employee security ensuring to provide access to only authorized personnel.

• Point-Of-Sale Integration: Cloud-based POS integration merges POS data with associated video, providing better visibility into financial transactions.

Integrated Security

Integrate your surveillance system with cutting edge access control and paging equipment. Secure your surveillance feed and network room by requiring proper identification upon entry.

 IR Fisheye Camera by VIVOTEK 

Contact Teldata for further technical information and specifics

180 Panoramic View Surveillance

With Panoramic IR Illumination and seamless video alignment, the 180 panoramic camera offers the best technology for outdoor video surveillance. Created with all conditions in mind, this solution reduces glares and compensates for high contrast and low light environments 

8MP Panoramic View 

Multiple sensor network cameras that provide full 180 horizontal views 

Panoramic IR Illumination

Smart IR technology reduces glaring hotspots and underexposed dark spots. 

Seamless Video Alignment

The adjustable positioning and image quality of each sensor creates a seamless view

Visibility in High Contrast Environments

Captures and combines bright and dark areas of images to create a depiction of the original scene

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