Wireless Network Infrastructure

Whether you need a large wireless infrastructure to provide WiFi access across long distances, or a local area network to bring internet access into your office building, Teldata will provide your customized solution.

Wide Area Network
Local Area Network
Virtual Private Network

Strong signal to all devices not connected by ethernet cabling


Teldata installs wide area networks with multiple wireless access points to provide WiFi access over long distances.


Teldata integrates wireless routers and access points to ensure WiFi is accessible to all devices not connected via ethernet cabling.

If you need internet access in your home, school, or office building, we will design and install your customized local area network.


When your office is wherever you are, your company information leaves the protection of your office building and may be vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves.

A Virtual Private Network will provide staff and employees access to important documents and computer applications while protecting this valuable information. Teldata will give you remote access to all your files and computer-based operations.

Not only will you gain peace of mind knowing your personal and company information are secure, but you will have the convenience of accessing shared information from wherever you’re working.

Protect yourself and your company information

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