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Safeguard your workplace with security camera installation. With enhanced picture quality, our security cameras will protect your business around the clock while giving you a peace of mind when you are off premises.

Surveillance System Support

TelData will offer you surveillance support by:
• providing the required training to setup, configure, and program the NVR & cameras
• provide training on how to access the video feeds and playback the stored footage
• install configure your viewing-monitor connections and provide easy to use operational guides
• assist you in adding cameras, cabling, or sensors
• connect your CCTV to your WAN or LAN

Access Control

Our security systems include access control features to ensure that only authorized personal have access to your surveillance feed.

We also offer access control solutions for key entry points in your office. Perhaps there’s a room or computer, specifically for your business’s most sensitive information. Our systems require proper identification before allowing anyone access.

Access control can give you assurances that your sensitive data is kept secure and help you close any security holes that could lead to an information leak or corporate espionage.

Audio Intercoms

In addition to security cameras, we also sell, service, and install audio intercom and paging systems to allow you to call for help or announce a security or safety threat.

Options include ceiling speakers, telephone paging amplifiers, horn speakers, paging speakers, and VoIP paging.

These intercom systems can also be used for non-security purposes as well. They are commonly used for public addresses or simply to play background music in a lobby.

Whether you’re a corporation, restaurant, school, or an airport, TelData has a paging solution to meet your needs.