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The audible atmosphere of your office space plays a considerable role in your staff’s mental and emotional state and directly affects their productivity and work quality. Employees and clients cannot concentrate or collaborate in a seemingly chaotic environment.

You would be amazed at how significantly and easily the color and atmosphere of a room is transformed with the proper use of acoustic conditioning.

TelData has experienced acoustic sound engineers that can install innovatively designed sound-masking systems to reduce noise and mask private conversations.

We guarantee it will increase employee productivity and safeguard confidential information.

Sound masking systems add subtle, steady sound at particular frequency ranges that render structured sounds like human speech and make them less intelligible.

The sounds are subtle and unobtrusive—no more noticeable than airflow through a modern HVAC system.

This makes it possible for employees and clients to retain their privacy and safeguard confidential information, rather than hearing it echo across the office.